What is RSS?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, a quick and easy way to stay up to date with online content. Brighter Life provides RSS feeds so that you can subscribe to stories and multimedia – whether you want to subscribe to the entire site, or just your favourite section, like Money or Family. By subscribing to an RSS feed, you will be notified each time the site has been updated.

News readers

To subscribe to and read RSS feeds, you’ll need an RSS reader. There are a number of RSS readers available online. Some are free; others charge a fee for more options. Here is a list of some readers. These links are provided as a convenience and not as an endorsement.

Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac OS



Once your RSS reader is ready, simply click on the orange feed button , and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Using your web browser as a news reader

For many, the easiest way to subscribe is using your web browser’s built-in RSS reader.

To subscribe to an RSS feedusing Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher:

  1. Click the orange feed button
  2. On the page that loads, click “Subscribe to this feed”
  3. To revisit this feed, click on the star icon and select “Feeds.” This will display a list of the feeds you have subscribed to

The process for Firefox 2.0 and higher is similar:

  1. Click the orange feed button above
  2. On the page that loads, click “Subscribe Now”
  3. All feeds will be available on your Live Bookmarks toolbar or through Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar

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