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Need to make sense of your finances? Make planning for the future and retirement a little bit easier with these tools and calculators offered by Sun Life Financial.

Retirement calculators

Image of RRSP box of savings

RRSP contributions and withdrawals

Find out what the potential impact could be if you were to make an RRSP withdrawal to fund a large unexpected expense.

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What’s your Unretirement Index score?

Find out how your expectations of retirement measure up against those of other Canadians.

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Should I pay off my mortgage or contribute to my RRSP?

Find out if you would be better off paying down your mortgage or contributing to your RRSP.

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Retirement savings calculator

See how much you will need to save for retirement based on your projected expenses.

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Should I take a loan to contribute to my RRSP?

Find out if the interest on an RRSP loan will be more than the tax refund and tax-free investment growth within your RRSP.

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Retirement income calculator

Get an idea of how much income your savings could generate at retirement.

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Life expectancy calculator

Assess how long you will live, based on recent actuarial data. Once you know your life expectancy, you can estimate the length of your retirement, and how much money you’ll need.

Inflation icon

Inflation calculator

See how your expenses could increase over time because of inflation.

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CPP/QPP calculator

Determine the best time for you to start receiving Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan income benefits.


Planning for the future calculators

Inflation icon

Life stage planner

A fast, fun tool to help you identify the financial issues people at your life stage often face.

Graduation hat icon

How much do I need for my child’s education?

Estimate the amount required for your child(ren)’s education.

Yin Yang Dollar Icon

Financial habits quiz

Find out if your financial choices today will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Briefcase with cross icon

Cost of care calculator

Estimate how much your health care could cost in the future.

Balance of scales icon

What is my net worth?

Find out the difference between what you own (your assets) and what you owe (your liabilities) to help you plan for the future.

Family icon

How much life insurance do I need?

Get an idea of the amount of insurance you may need to protect and provide for your survivors.

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