Simply put

Brenda Spiering, Editor

Confused by financial jargon? You’re not alone. It’s the reason we’re calling this column “Simply put.” Our goal is to bring you simple tips on personal finance written in plain language. It’s something I’m passionate about. For many years, as a financial journalist, I wrote a column responding to readers’ questions about personal finance.

Now, as Editor of, I want to continue that dialogue. I hope by sharing tips and tools — both in this column and throughout — we can help you to better navigate life’s challenges and plan for a “brighter life.”

— Brenda Spiering

Spring clean your finances

Spring clean your finances

After a long, cold winter it’s great to know that spring will soon be here — the time to stash away your winter woollies, rake up the yard and clean out the garage. What better time to also spring clean your finances?

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