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Eight steps to landing a job

By Brenda Spiering, Editor,

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Image of a woman early in her career.

Finding it hard to land that dream job? There’s no question that getting your foot in the door can be a challenge in today’s tough job market.

But, along with updating your resume and reaching out to your existing contacts, there are more great ways to increase your chances of getting hired, such as by leveraging social media to connect online.

Whether you’re a new grad, you’ve been recently laid off work, or you’re searching for a career upgrade, the following eight steps can help set you on the path for success:

icon of the alphabet 1. Start with the basics
If you’re early in your career, it can be particularly difficult to know where to start. Get the inside edge from an employment manager on how to do it right in:
Eleven job search tips for young adults
Icon of a computer mouse 2. Connect online
Chances are you’re already connecting with friends on Facebook and may be active on Twitter and LinkedIn. But are you using them to job hunt? If not, here’s how:
Five ways social media can help you find a job

Icon of a swimmer 3. Test the waters
Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking to try something new, an internship can be a great way to help find out if a particular field is right for you:
How to find an internship
Icon of two people shaking hands 4. Get help from a recruiter
Most recruiters are hired by companies to find job candidates. But there are five smart ways you can rise to the top of their list of prospective clients:
Why a recruiter can be your ticket to a dream job

Icon of a tie 5. Dress for success
Hiring managers say one of the biggest mistakes job hunters make is wearing inappropriate attire to job interviews. Make sure you dress for the part:
Job hunting? It still pays to dress for success
Icon of a house 6. Consider working from home
With smartphones, email and social media, around 4 million Canadians now work from home. Consider if it may be right for you:
How to make working from home work

Icon of a lightbulb 7. Start your own business
Want to be your own boss? If your idea of a dream job is going into business for yourself, learn how to make it happen in:
How to become a successful entrepreneur
Icon of a desk-worker 8. Return to work gradually
Worried about returning to work after maternity leave? Get tips on how to achieve work/life balance while easing back into your career:
Tips for returning to work after maternity leave (Video)

More job-hunting tips:

Working well More bright ideas for managing your career and making the most of your benefits.

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