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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

How to conserve your college cash


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Brighter Life likes weekly round-up of recommended reads The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

How to conserve your college cash“Just because your bank is offering you a credit card, it doesn’t mean that it’s in your best interests to take it.” That’s the warning Sarah Milton has for first-year college and university students on the Retire Happy blog.

Besides urging credit card caution, she offers other practical financial tips: Keep your “play” money completely separate — not only in a different account but even at a different bank — so you can’t “accidentally” spend your rent money at the pub. Also: Understand your cash flow, look for student discounts and make sure you have the right bank account.
Five simple money strategies for students

Mind your stress
There’s a remedy for stress that’s as close to you as the air you breathe. It’s called mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), says Chatelaine magazine, and it’s a medically-valid way to reduce stress and promote balance and well-being. The idea is to intentionally live in the moment rather than fret about what’s stressing you, by concentrating on your breathing.
The health benefits of medical meditation

Surviving the first day of school
Starting school can be hard on parents as well as kids, says the Parentdish blog, but equipped with these 10 observations and accompanying coping tactics (and a healthy sense of humour), both parents and kids can survive and maybe even thrive.
10 things no one tells parents before their kids start school

The Millennial response to the tight job market
Faced with the economic downturn and ongoing scarcity of work just as they started entering the labour force, many Millennials have responded with a life strategy seldom dreamed of by their parents, says the Golden Girl Finance blog: They are abandoning the job market in favour of becoming self-employed.
Are we a generation of quitters?

What do you want out of retirement?
In a guest post on the Debt Debs blog, a 38-year-old shares her secrets for successful retirement planning. Among them: Learn to manage on half of your household income. This will allow you to save the rest, she writes, and help you get used to living on a retirement-sized income.
What is your vision of retirement?

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What would happen if you couldn’t work? What would happen if you couldn’t work?
Most of us don’t think of our income as our single biggest asset — but it is. Disability insurance is designed to protect it.

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CanadianBudgetBinder (@CanadianBudgetB) on

Thanks for sharing my post. It’s amazing how fast we can be violated by someone who is watching our every move. It’s best to be protected and mindful of our belongings at all times. Happy Labour Day!

More Than Just Money on

[…] What Is Your Vision of Retirement? – Debt Debs my guest post that was linked to the Best Reads this week on How To Save Money, Friday Jet Fuel #8 at Money Propeller and the weekly round-up on […]

debt debs on

Thanks so much for including my guest post from Kassandra @ More Than Just Money! I’m getting used to my retirement sized income, and it’s okay, although I do wish I started sooner so as to have more savings and less debt!

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