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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

Running away from teenage stress


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Brighter Life likes weekly round-up of recommended reads The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

Running away from teenage stressThis week, you’ll find there’s a theme running through our recommendations: tips for, from and about parents. 

Running away from teenage stress
Catherine Cameron at the Tweenhood blog shares a discovery her teenaged daughter recently made: A great way to manage overload, stress and occasional anxiety is to sweat it out — especially outdoors. Running with friends combines exercise, fresh air and socializing — that last one being a must for teenaged girls!

Working out isn’t only good for your physical health; it also benefits your mental health, says Cameron. Her daughter has found out for herself that running helps her focus on the moment and put her cares into perspective.
The many benefits of exercise for tweens and teens

Motherly money advice
A few weeks ago we read a blogger’s financial advice from his father; now here are some wise words about money from Mom, courtesy of the Prairie Eco-Thrifter blog. They include: carry enough cash at all times to get home from wherever you are, make sure you agree with the bank on your balance and don’t spend what you don’t have.
Money tips from mom

Mom and Dad, we need to talk
At some point, writes the Money Crashers blog, adult children should have a serious discussion with their elderly parents about their driving skills, finances and health, whether they need help at home and end-of-life instructions. And the most important reason to talk with your parents: To reconcile and forgive old issues and hurts.
Six must-have conversations when caring for elderly parents

Want to be heard? Learn to listen
Part of being sure you are being listened to is being able to listen well yourself, says the Pam Ross Consulting blog. The writer recommends a book called Just Listen, by Mark Goulston, with its “nine core rules to get through to anyone.”
Heellooo! Is anyone listening to me???

Recipe for a secure retirement: Aim high and start young
Bridget Casey of the Money After Graduation blog successfully achieved her original goal of paying back more than $21,000 in student debt in less than two years. She’s now working towards a new goal, despite being back in school: saving $100,000 in five years for her retirement. And she’s got a plan…
Saving $100,000 in my RRSP by Age 33 

Post of the week

Can you afford to get sick? Can you afford to get sick?
Recovering from a serious illness will require all your energy and attention. The good news is there are options and resources that can help.

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Tefffany @ Gen Y Finances on

Exercising is definitely the most effective way to relieve stress. I do working out to relieve stress. And it helps me, being physically healthy and being mentally healthy at work:)

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