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Brighter Life likes weekly round-up of recommended reads The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

To celebrate the start of summer vacation season, we asked some of our favourite bloggers for their best travel tips and favourite vacation photos.

 Mr. CBB of Canadian Budget Binder, @CanadianBudgetB This one is from Mr. CBB of Canadian Budget Binder, @CanadianBudgetB

Getting lost and off the beaten path has its rewards. Chances are, you’ll only ever be in that part of the world once, so make the most of it.

 Mark Seed of My Own Advisor, @myownadvisor From Mark Seed of My Own Advisor, @myownadvisor

(Afternoon surf, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica)

Set a budget. This way, travel expenses are accounted for in advance and you’ll enjoy your vacation more!

 Jane Canapini of Grey Routes & Tips, @janecanapiniJane Canapini of Grey Routes & Tips, @janecanapini Here are two from Jane Canapini of Grey Routes & Tips, @janecanapini

To see the Bay of Fundy at its two tidal extremes, plan to visit any location twice, at high AND low tide, especially here at Hopewell Cape.








Save money and see Venice like a local: For a great canal tour of Venice, take the Rte. 1 vaporetto (water bus) from the train station to the last stop. Then get lost walking back! Want a cheap “gondola” ride? Take a traghetto, a stripped-down version that ferries locals across the canal. Cost: half a euro!

 Loukia Zigoumis of Loulou’s Views, @MrsLoulou Fom Loukia Zigoumis of Loulou’s Views, @MrsLoulou

(The beach at Hollywood, Florida)

Travel with your entourage — having extra hands to watch the kids means you can get some downtime while on vacation, too. And take lots of pictures!

 Brenda Spiering of Brighter Life’s Simply put column, @BrendaSpiering From Brenda Spiering of Brighter Life’s Simply put column@BrendaSpiering

(The south shore of Bermuda)

Save money and avoid the crowds by travelling off-season. You may even find a beach like this to enjoy all by yourself.

 Anne Levy-Ward of Brighter Life And from Anne Levy-Ward of Brighter Life

(Outside an eight-house hamlet in Wiltshire, England, on the way from the Cotswolds to Stratford)

Collect souvenirs you don’t have to find room for in your suitcase — like interesting place names.

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Some great photos and tips. I like to soak it all in when you are in a different location so that things stay in your memory. Once you get home and the hustle and bustle take over, it’s easy to forget. At least with some great photos as reminders you can stir those memories of a great vacation all over again!

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