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Critical illness insurance, simply put (Video)


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Everyone would like to imagine a future with perfect health. But the right time to plan for the unexpected is when you’re healthy.

To learn how critical illness insurance can help cover the costs associated with a life-altering illness, watch:

Protect your health More ways to protect your health and your finances.

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Looking for more ways to protect your family?

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Patrick on

I never thought that I would need added protection for my mortage insurance in case of severe illness. Boy am I glad that I listened to my bank advisor and got some. It will sure help during these difficult times. My case is being studied , though the timespan is somewhat long (3months and counting) I guess that they need to be thourough to make sure that …..anyways I will send an update to let you all know.

great site for insurance cover and critical illness on

So true indeed, the right time to plan for your health is when your healthy. Things happen unexpectedly, we can never tell when but the fact that we are always prepared and insured is a worry free thinking while your feeling ill. Getting a critical illness insurance is preparing for something unexpected and getting ready for everything.

Louise on

This is a great video! I have also interesting statistics to share as well:
What will you protect?
Probability of becoming critically ill before age 65 is 1 over 3 *
Probability of dying before age 70: 1 over 146
Probability of incurring more than $3500 damage to your car: 1 over 1,683
Probability of fire: 1 over 2,768
AND Likelihood of needing long-term care after age 65: women 1 over 1,4, men 1 over 2,3 *
* THE LIVING BENEFITS are a must to protect our wealth and dignity and most people aren’t aware of these protection….lets spread the news!

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