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Bright ideas for back-to-school

By Brenda Spiering, Editor,

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Whether your child is entering pre-school, returning to grade school or heading off to university, Brighter Life brings you tips and tools to help you start the school year right.

  • Image of a child excited about going back-to-school.Ensure a smooth transition from summer vacation to classroom. Ever had a dream where you show up late to school wearing pyjamas? Toronto teacher mom, Diana Mancuso, has. Check out five strategies she developed to help prevent her nightmare from turning into a reality in Preparing your child for back-to-school.
  • Cut costs on school supplies. Looking for ways to stretch your back-to-school budget? Frugalista, Amrita Singh, shares clever ways to save on clothing, school supplies, snacks and more in Bright ideas for back-to-school savings.
  • Head off back-to-school colds. Children can be exposed to a lot of illnesses at daycare, but there are things you can do to boost their immunity and decrease their chances of coming down with whatever is going around. Learn ways to help keep your kids healthy in How to dodge daycare germs.
  • Minimize student debt. As college and university tuition costs rise, so does student debt. But it’s possible to borrow wisely and repay responsibly. Learn how in Smart ways to manage student loans.
  • Consider going back to school in retirement. Always wished you could have studied at a top university such as MIT? Or learned a new language? Now you can. Thanks to the Internet, you can satisfy your thirst for learning and even earn that longed-for degree. Get Free online courses for learning at any age.
Image of summer books for School smarts collection. Get more bright ideas for back-to-school.

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