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Newlywed planning guide

By Brenda Spiering, Editor,

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Image of a newlywed couple.

June is the launch of wedding season in Canada. It used to be the number-one month for getting married, but in recent years August has become the most popular month for weddings in Canada, followed by September.

Taking that trip down the aisle ranks as one of the biggest life-changing events most of us will ever experience. So, if you’re in the midst of preparing for an upcoming wedding or have recently gotten married, now is a good time to step back and do some careful planning.

Here are some handy tips and tools to help you with everything from planning the big day to managing your finances, so you can live happily ever after:

 Icon of a stack of money How to cut wedding costs
The average expected cost of a Canadian wedding in 2011 was $23,330. But you can save big with a little creativity.
How to plan a debt-free wedding
 Icon of someone slipping and falling Remember safety first
Safety isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding. But if something bad happens, it can spell disaster.
Tips for planning a safe wedding

 Icon of a father figure Fatherly advice for newlyweds
Brighter Life’s retirement journey columnist, Dave Dineen, shares a note he wrote to his 24-year-old son, two days after watching him marry his high-school sweetheart.
How to live happily ever after
 Icon of a person holding a briefcase Planning your financial future
You don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to build wealth. With the right products, you can grow and protect a healthy nest egg.
Five financial products you should own

 Icon of a home Buying your first home
Looking to buy your first home? Get advice on everything you need to know from making an offer to picking up the keys.
Ten steps to buying a home
 Icon of a hammer cracking open a piggy bank Save taxes by income splitting
While Canadian couples can’t pool their incomes and file a single, joint return, there are four ways couples in Canada can income split.
Four easy ways to income split

 Icon of hands clasped in a handshake Tips to avoid fighting over money
Learn five smart ways to help you and your spouse reach agreement when it comes to financial matters.
Five ways to convince your spouse they’re wrong about money
 Icon of a newlywed couple How to live happily ever after
The follow-up to Dave Dineen’s article providing fatherly advice. His daughter-in-law shares tips on how to make it all work, a year after her wedding.
Living happily ever after

For more bright ideas on how to start off life together right, check out the Brighter Life newlywed guide.

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