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It’s the longest day of the year: Let’s go outside and play!


Brighter Life likes weekly round-up of recommended reads The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

It’s the longest day of the year: Let’s go outside and play!It’s the longest day of the year: Let’s go outside and play!
Have you noticed that kids don’t play outside as much as they used to? Between the draw of video games and parents’ increased safety concerns, active play is indeed declining in Canada, says ParticipACTION. So, on this longest day of the year, parents all over Canada are being urged to take their kids outside after supper and play with them until the streetlights come on.

Suggestions range from the current (learning how to geocache) to the classic (hopscotch, double-Dutch and What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?). Enjoy some quality time with your kids in the park, or gather all the kids and parents on the street for a massive game of Capture the Flag.
Canada’s longest day of play

Save money with a price book
Back in the day, some frugal shoppers kept track of the cost of items they bought often, so they could comparison shop among stores and know if a sale was really a sale. They wrote it down in a little notebook sometimes called a price book. Now, says Simply Saving, you can do it on your smartphone, by simply snapping a photo and watermarking it with the store name. Genius!
Using a price book to save money

Stay on track when you travel
If travel tempts you to choose the buffet over the treadmill and your waistline ends up expanding along with your mind, travel writer Julia Rosien of MOMeo has some tips to share. You’re supposed to be having fun, after all, so she recommends that you “sin strategically” and “drink with abandon” — water, that is.
Sampling your way into stretch pants? Health tips for travellers who enjoy indulging

Hot jobs in the summertime
If the student in your life is looking for summer job ideas, The Outlier Model has three good ones: research assistant (for a professor), seasonal worker (at a summer fair, festival or theme park) or a youth-targeted government job. Who knows, your kid might even be the one to give you a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl.
Three summer jobs for students

Give this retirement plan an F
The Globe and Mail interviews realtor and author Trish Bongard Godfrey, who says the best retirement plans take into account seven non-financial Fs: family, friends, fitness, food, flexibility, fun and fashion. Fashion? That just means keeping current. “Be aware of the world around you and enjoy it,” she says.
Consider the “F’s” when planning for retirement

Post of the week

Bright ideas for frugal wedding planning (Video) Bright ideas for frugal wedding planning (Video)
Want to have an elegant wedding reception without going into debt? Frugalista Amrita Singh’s creative ideas are big on chic but easy on your budget.

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theoutliermodel on

It might be the longest day of the year, but I spent it inside playing a winter sport – hockey! Woops. Oh well, at least I got out and played!

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