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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

Tips for moms from some of our favourite bloggers


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Brighter Life likes weekly round-up of recommended reads The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

MomThrive conference Toronto April 4-6.Tips for moms from some of our favourite bloggers
This week, Brighter Life hosted a Twitter chat on the subject of what women learned from motherhood. A shout-out to PTPA Media for providing the grand prize for the event.

Here’s a sample of mom wisdom:

From Toronto Teacher Mom:
A mother must not strive for perfection. Rather, she must view her blemishes as a metaphor for wisdom. View tweet

From Being Marci:
I learned that I’m not always smarter than a 5th grader. And I like that. View tweet

From Loulou’s Views:
I learned in motherhood how much the heart can love. View tweet

From Wonder Moms:
Motherhood has taught me patience & kindness. I have flourished as a person. View tweet

From Parent Club:
Through momhood, I have realized play time (the kids and my own!) is more important than dusting. View tweet

From Common Cents Mom:
To let go of expectations and breathe. View tweet

Make time for some “me” time
Mothers know that if they don’t intentionally set aside some time for themselves to rest, relax and recharge, they can burn out. A Mother World suggests eight ways mothers can nurture themselves, from taking a bubble bath with a good book to going for coffee with a friend.
Eight ideas for Mom ME time

When faster isn’t better
The craving for instant solutions can harm our health, our relationships, our businesses and our environment, says a guest blogger on Women on the Fence. Going for the slow instead of the quick fix brings a host of benefits, like giving us the chance to admit and learn from our mistakes and to consult with others. The end result: a solution with staying power.
The slow fix

Eight great flicks for kids
Have your kids made you sit through the latest Barbie movie for the 24th and last time? Here are some parent- and kid-recommended movies both you and your kids will enjoy, from Parent Club. Our personal fave on the list? Wall-E!
Kids’ movies

Is there life outside the kitchen?
Between the Slow Food movement and current health advice, most mothers agree that cooking from scratch is best for their families. Problem is, according to Preshus Me, all the kitchen duty that entails isn’t necessarily so good for Mom. Is there a practical, guilt-free solution?
Dinner from scratch takes too long

Post of the week

Federal Budget announced. Federal budget focuses on job growth
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has presented a federal budget focused on jobs and infrastructure, with little new spending.

Tweet of the week

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