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When do you expect to retire? (Infographic)


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The latest numbers from Sun Life’s Canadian Unretirement IndexTM show the number of Canadians who expect to be retired at age 66 has declined by nearly half since 2008.

Most Canadians expect to work past 65 - infographic

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abidbahar on

It puzzles me to think of retiring. I thought it is better not to retire. I have seen when people retire, the beginning of the end begins. Even long holidays make me a different person then when I am working. Is there a way to live long without retiring?

dropdead on

I am sorry to say but I really don`t have any sympathy for these “poor” seniors. Most of these guys and girls had a much easier time of finding good employment. Many of them were able to work in the same place from their first day until retirement. That never happens anymore. Just remember that the boomers are the ones who got those gold plated pensions from the automotive industry that pretty much bankrupted it. They are also the generation that are wintering in Florida or camping all summer at the cottage. While many Generation Xer`s are bouncing from short term job to short term job and can`t afford to buy a single home let alone a second “vacation” home, Boomers are complaining that they should be able to collect unemployment insurance as a supplement because they paid into it all those years and never collected. Yeah. Don`t be grateful that you were never laid off or lost your job just hold your hands out for more. The generation that fought WW2 were the greatest generation but they did a lousy job raising their kids. All of that Flower Power generation turned out to be the biggest and greediest thieves in the world.

Tim Landry on

I think we as a society have to realize the major philosophical change that the “Boomer Generation” is bringing to the whole concept of retirement. Before I continue, let me just say that I am actually 6 weeks older than the official “Boomers” as I was born in mid-November 1945. We are seeing several things at once – the first being a complete re-thinking of the basic concept of “retirement”. 30 years ago, many of us thought of “Freedom 55” as a realistic OBJECTIVE – and I am NOT thinking from a financial point of view. Many of us actually thought we would and could retire early and enjoy life. The problem was that so many of us “retired” in the traditional sense and died of boredom (and other illnesses) a couple of years later. Frankly – in 2013 – I doubt many of us have as our vision of retirement sitting on a beach in a lounge chair for the rest of our lives. That meets most of our definitions of BORING. Sure – we will enjoy a few weeks of that each year – but we want to stay active. We may not do what we have always done – we may not work the same number of hours per week or weeks per year – BUT WE WILL STAY ACTIVE! Ask me when I will retire and my answer will be “2 weeks AFTER MY DEATH”. How many people are living into their 80’s and 90’s? We know from the newspapers that that number is exploding. When I was 30 – even 40 – 65 was beginning to get old – 70 was OLD and most people over 75 were in fact DEAD! Today 75 is what 65 was not that long ago! Why? Because we have changed our whole way of thinking – as it relates to “retirement”. In the traditional sense, does “retirement” even continue to exist?

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