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What would you do if you won $1,000 this holiday season? Save it? Spend it? Give it away? Enter for a chance to win our Brighter Holiday Giveaway!

Win 1 of 3 cash prizes of $1,000 - Brighter holidays giveawayHow to enter

Simply like us on Facebook between November 26 and December 17, 2012 to enter the contest. Or, if you’ve liked us already, you’re also eligible to enter. Plus, you can earn a bonus entry by subscribing to our free newsletter.

There will be three weekly random draws, each for a $1,000 prize, and we’ll announce the winners on Facebook. (See complete contest rules.)

What would you do with $1,000?

We asked some popular Canadian family, health and finance bloggers what they would do with $1,000, and here’s what they said:

Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel:

If I won $1,000 this holiday season, I would ask my kids to pick a charity so they could each donate $250, and then I would take the remaining $500 and take our family on a one- or two-night mini-break so we could escape the hustle and bustle and spend some quality time together. That way we could truly experience what the holiday season is all about: giving and spending time with loved ones.

Deb and Dave, The Planet D:

We’d buy Deb’s parents tickets to Aruba. Four years ago we quit our jobs in the Toronto film industry and decided to become full-time travel bloggers. It was a big decision to give up a secure living, but we had to follow our dreams. Deb’s parents have been our biggest supporters by allowing us to stay at their place when we are not travelling, encouraging us to never give up and lending a hand whenever we needed it.

Last summer, we took part in a travel bloggers’ contest and won a stay at a resort in Aruba. We decided to give it to Deb’s parents as a thank-you, because they’ve done so much for us and we’ve wanted to show them our appreciation for some time. Over the past few years, we’ve had enormous opportunities to visit all seven continents and over 70 countries, so a stay in Aruba was something that they could easily accept from us. The only problem is that airfare wasn’t included in the prize, so they’ll have to get themselves down to the Caribbean on their own dime. So if we could win $1,000 to pay their way, it would be the perfect gift.

Eileen Chadnick, UNretired Life:

If I could buy more time I would, but since that’s not possible, I would put time on my side by investing this windfall in my TFSA immediately. I have a number of goals I am saving towards so this would give me a nice boost to my savings.

Justin Bouchard, Young and Thrifty:

The high school basketball team I coach would become the best-outfitted team in the league. I would try to get a local business into the Christmas spirit by matching that donation, and then I’d purchase new shoes for every player who can’t afford a decent pair of his own. If there was enough money left over, some slick-looking warm-up track suits or new jerseys would make several young players’ Christmases!

Sara Hodge, Mums ’n Chums:

I would put some in the bank and use the rest to buy something special for my parents. They have been incredibly supportive of me and my business over the last three years and I would love to be able to do something for them in return.

Dara Duff Bergeron, Belly Bootcamp:         

I would take my kids, ages three and five, to Quebec for a snowy family weekend away. There hasn’t been much snow in Toronto the past few years and they haven’t yet truly experienced the fun of snow and ice, which I grew up with on the cold Prairies.

Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman:

I would invest it in order to earn compound interest for the next 10 years. When my young grandkiddies reach 20, I’d share the proceeds between them. My pre-requisite? They must use it for a travel experience.

What about you? Tell us what you’d do with $1,000 by commenting below, and don’t forget to enter the contest. Good luck, and happy holidays!

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Laura Elise Mccreery on

I would put the money towards my education. Would like to return to school for just one more year!

Sandy Rooke on

I would pay off some bills!

yolande on

if i would win 1000.00 dollars , i would get my son here for christmas because its the first year in 25 years that we are not together for christmas. its the worst feeling ever. im really heartbreaking.

sian on

i would share it with sone friends i know that are going without christmas.

Christine Harrison on

I moved out of province from Ontario to Alberta with my husband and three children just over 10 years ago. We are loving life in Alberta. We just haven’t had the money to fly our family of 5 back to Ontario for a visit in over 6 years. Our parents are getting older and I would love nothing more the to see them! My kids miss their grandparents😦 If I won $1000.00 I would use it towards flying us all home to see our loved ones for a long over due visit!!! So please can you help me make this happen? and make 2013 a year to remember for my family?!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Jennifer T. on

With an extra $1,000 I would pay off some bills and buy some extra gifts for my kids for Christmas. I would also keep some money aside for the New Year:) on

I’d pay bills.

Heather Diotte on

If I won I would put the money towards building our Restioughe Animal Shelter – our current shelter is 2 portable buildings falling apart : (

Lorrene Campbell on

If I won the $1000.00 I would give some to the FOOD BANK / Salvation Army …To give some unfortunate people a good Christmas ; some towards my family’s Christmas gifts and bank the rest for the long hard winter that lays ahead of us .

Gigi on

If I could win $1000 dollars, I’d buy food and pay my bills and give some money to my sister.

Dominique Cote on

I’d pay off all my Christmas shopping!

Damon Jacobs on

I would use the money to redecorate our bedroom!

Lora Thompson on

My daughter is a teacher in Ontario and a strike and/or lockout is looming in the future. She can’t really buy her kids anything for Christmas because she has a mortgage/car payment/groceries to buy and is afraid to spend her money with this looming. The money would go to her to pay bills and buy a few Christmas presents.

Martha Kitchen on

I would share with my three sons.

Susie Nixon on

I would attend my brother’s wedding on December 22nd, 2012 in Beijing, China. At present, none of my family can afford to be with them to offer our support and celebrate the day with them. I would love to represent my family at such an important day to us all!

Sharlene on

I would split it 3 ways between my hubby and my mom:)

single teen mom of 2 on

If I won the money this holiday I would make it the best Christmas I could for my girls. Buy them something nice and put away some money for their school, which is very hard being a single parent…. Then with the leftover money I would go down to the homeless shelter and seek out someone who seemed down and had no hope left… Take her/him out to get new clothes and some lunch:)

lucy on

If I won the money I would buy a car, pay bills & go on a holiday.

mikala cross on

If I won the money I would try and make this Christmas as great as possible for my two girls. Presents and then put money away in a school fund, and if there was a little extra I would go down to the homeless shelter pick out someone that needed some clothes and stuff and take them shopping…. It’s not about what you give it’s about how you give it…

mikala cross on

I would buy something for Christmas for my two girls that they would have until the day I die… Also buy some stuff for the girls that I go to pregnant teens with… Then I would go to the bank and put money away in the bank for my girls’ school fund since since I’ve been too broke to do so.

rory on

spend some of it and give some to underprivileged kids

Jamie Weir on

If I won the 1000 dollars, I would put every last penny toward my college tuition. Being almost 18, and having to pay for college all by yourself is a very hard thing to do. 1000 dollars would lift a huge weight off my shoulders and put me one step closer to my future career as a social service worker.

Teri Shively on

I have a friend whose daughter is very sick right now and awaiting a double lung transplant. She had to take time off work, pay for a hotel and parking in a big city. So if I could win I would use the money to help her out!!!!

Darin Baker on

If I won I would really like to get some children together and let them hand out the entire amount in $50 or $100 increments to people that are in need on the streets.

Brian Peeters on

I’d pay 500 in Bills The rest would go to the Mrs. for putting up with me.

Chantaya morgan on

I would share with my mom. She has been through a lot and deserves a real shopping spree.

john on

With an extra $1000 i would buy my kids more presents for Christmas this year because last year i lost my job just before Christmas and we had a real bad one so i would make this a better one for them

Holly S on

I would pay back everyone who has been financially supportive of my son and myself this year. Thank you.

Liz Lewis on

I would help my son out by paying his car insurance as he is financially struggling right now.

Gina on

Put it towards my kids’ RESPs

jacqueline on

With a thousand dollars I would put it towards my second semester of college, I’m trying to make a good life for my daughter and I and would love to be able to finish my education.:)

April Reece on

If I won I’d give it to my brother and his family. He and his wife had their first baby and things aren’t good at all with the baby’s health and they need the help so much.

Jaida on

I’d love to put ot towards my son’s dreams for hockey cause he isbe in pee wees nexts year and towards his AAA Sask Can tryouts and pay some bills!

Amanda on

I would give my mom and in-laws some and try and pay some bills

Winnie on

i will top up my daughter’s RESP

Debbie Bashford on

If I had $1000 I would put it towards paying off the loan for a new furnace as my old one quit on

fix my car that is on its last legs.

wendy on

I am disabled and money is tight, but I would put it in the bank and save for a down payment on my own condo. I dearly long for a place to call home for my cats and myself… :)

Marina Petrovic on

If I won I would get myself a new home theatre system and a 5th generation IPOD and I phone, plus get myself a passport and go on a trip somewhere in the USA.

Pauline on

If I win, I would buy a flight back to France next summer. I live in Guatemala and miss Paris! It should be about $800, leaving $199 to put towards the works in the house I am building and $1 to buy a lottery ticket, and maybe keep my lucky strike!

Canadianbudgetbinder on

What a great contest! I’m sure whoever wins the $1000 will put it to good use. We would likely use it to save for our future.

Margaret Imecs on

I would invest for a brighter future.

Barbara Thomas on

Would help the grandchildren with this money.

dean caron. on

Truly to make my mother smile:) , dean c.

George Cuyler on

If I were to win I would use that to pay my DL fee of 1050, of course I would have to borrow the extra 50 and get back to work. MPI is so expensive compared to other provinces.

Tracy on

I am 44 years old and have never been on an plane. I would use this money to take a vacation somewhere warm with my six wonderful children. Raising them has been my life, working hard to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. Now that my 2 oldest are out on their own and 4 are still home (happy that they are) We could all put our money together and go on a post Christmas vacation! This would be so much better than buying gifts that take 30 mins to open…a family vacation would make memories for a life time.:)

Margaux on

If I had one grand, I would be able to do a bunch of things I can’t do right now. I’d love to get some more art supplies and be able to get my family some things that they’ve been needing.

Barbara Thomas on

I would give a good percentage to charity, perhaps Interval House and help my grandchildren with the rest

marjorie s. on

If i win..i’m going to pay for some speech therapy session for my lil princess♥

Toby on

Daughter started college…need I say more? lol Ch-ching!

Carol Anne Larsh Barrette on

if I were to win $1000, I would use it for a vacation, one that I haven’t had in 5 years. I think I deserve one right about now!!!


i would help my daughter with her wedding plans and help pay for some of their expenses. Lots of money when you get married and she has helped me a lot with a new puppy — shots, getting her fixed. And then maybe i would go on a trip.

Lacey Fink on

As you are aware, each year there are numerous homeless people who celebrate the Holidays alone, tired, cold and hungry. In my community there is a homeless shelter that cooks meals for the Homeless for Christmas. These meals cost $3.00 each. $1000.00 could buy over 300 meals for the less fortunate. As usual Christmas is a little bit tight for everyone, money wise, so it makes it hard to donate so that someone else can eat a Christmas dinner, and have a full belly, even just for one night. It would be great if i could donate these funds, if i win, to someone who needs it more than all of us do. It’s great that everyone wants to buy more gifts, take a vacation, do home repairs etc. But in all reality, who NEEDS it the most? Someone who already has numerous gifts under the tree for their children, supper on the table, a roof over their heads? What about the people who sleep on the street, and dig through garbage because thats all they have? Do you know how many blankets $1000.00 can buy? How many hunger pains it can subside? How many hearts it can lift? Thats what i would do with $1000.00.

neil anderson on

I would put most of it towards my grandson’s university loans. they both work part time, but it is never enough

jennifer bell on

As a two-time cancer survivor and single mother I’ve known a lot of hardships in my lifetime. I am 49 years old and currently have breast cancer. I have never known what it feels like to be financially stable. Right now I am flat broke so $1,000 would be a miracle!!! I would start by buying some healthy groceries and my grandchildren a few Christmas toys, pay some bills that are in arrears …..tyvm merry Christmas .

judie on

i would then have money to buy gifts for my kids-i cannot believe how tough life is these days

Dilawar on

If I will win, I will donate 500 $ in different charities and 500$ will invest to my sunlife financial and retirement plan.

Colleen on

Gosh, I wish I could say I would donate it to a charity. But our focus right now is on debt reduction – so as much as it would warm our hearts to donate it, or no matter how fun it might be to spend it, it would go against our line of credit. Every single penny of it.

Scott Maude on

I would buy a wedding ring for my girl, she means the world to me. We have been together for 16 years

Martie L on

I would use the money to send my parents on a trip. They are both retired now and my mom has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I would send her somewhere warm as this would help ease her pain and she would get to visit one the places he has always wanted to go, too. She would be able to mark Cuba of her bucket list!!!

Diane Sullivan on

We just bought a house and the windows have to be replaced, so I would get a couple of new windows.

Wing on

It would go into my savings for a house. with housing prices these days, having enough for a house almost seems impossible.

Elaine Ritchie on

If I won the $1000, I would put it towards a down payment on a house.

Tiffany on

I would pay some of my debt off. Then maybe I can quit my second job quicker.

Tulika on

hmmmmmm……..I never win but if I do I plan to give away a part of it to charity and with the rest buy my husband a nice suit.

jennifer on

put towards my Newfoundland fund:)

susan mettimano on

i would like to pay for bills and Christmas for friends/family too ….it would be the best Christmas ever.

Wanda Jean P on

I would use it towards bills, to stay ahead in payments and to stock up on items for the home.

paula huie on

If I won, I would give my kids each $200 and the other $400 to sponsor a family from our church for Christmas.

Madeleine Dubois on

If i won 1,000 dollars I would love to have a Christmas gathering at the nursing home my mom lives in and bring our granddaughters there and celebrate it with all the other elders living there and play Santa to them and bring them something special from Santa. It would be so much fun. We lost my father this year at the age of 99, he was six days short of his 100th birthday and she has been so lonely, and a lot of these people living there don`t get a lot of visitors. It would be the best Christmas ever. And then I could put some in the bank for our two granddaughters which we are raising, and of course buy some presents for them. It would be the best CHRISTMAS EVER.

twiztidtylor on

I would donate 200 dollars to the Surrey food bank,and have a great Christmas!

Mark Chretien on

My 12 yr. old daughter lives 600 kms from me and I haven’t seen her for 1 yr and a half. I work 2 jobs and time is limited. With the price of gas I can’t afford to go get her also the time factor. I have to pick her up because she has Cerebral Palsy. 1000 dollars would be a blessing and a gift I would never forget, because I would then be able to take a few days off work and go get my daughter Anita for the holiday season. Truly would be a blessing.

Kimberly Dougherty on

I would use half for food for the food bank as no family/person should never have to go without a meal!! The other half to help pay for xmas, including a special present for my hubby who workd hard for me and my daughters!!

Sandra Gutierrez on

I would take a mini vacation close by with my family.

Pamela Savarie on

I would put the money away as my husband will be 65 next year and would like to retire.

frank on

If I won, I would buy the family a lot more presents for Christmas:)

jennifer bell on

i so need the money right now, i would start my Christmas shopping for my 5 grandbabies pay some bills and get Christmas groceries !!! ty for the opportunity !!!:)

caresabiutfrienscpl on

If we won any money it would go to a dear friend diagnosed with progressive MS. He is almost wheelchair-bound and still takes care of his mom. The money would allow for him to get in someone to help him. He is the most unselfish person we know…he could use some help to ease his life right now.

christine on

If I won the prize I would save it up and take my family on a holiday in the summer because we could not take our three children on one. The money is tight and our oldest son is severely handicapped with spina bifida, hydrocephalus and has lots of seizures. Our other two children are fine. (Joshua is 21, Quinton is 15, and Zabrina is 13.) My husband and I have been married for 26 yrs now. I would like to surprise them with the money to go on a proper summer vacation. Right now we can not afford this at all. It would be a miracle if I won as I’ve never won anything in my life.

Thank you
Christine Cosby

carol on

My Son’s Tuition!!!!!!!!

Cindy on

If I won, I would make sure all three of my daughters were home here for Christmas this year, with my grandchildren. We would all be together and I would cook a great feast for them all.

selena miller on

if i won the 1000 i would buy my 5 grandkids some thing for xmas

Julie Brown on

Winning $1,000.00 would allow my husband and I to go on a vacation this winter. We’ve been saving every extra dollar that we can and have been putting it away in an envelope. When we have enough money in the envelope, we would like to get away.

Nicole on

Gifts for all and everyone who’s coming to my house !

Amber Rockenbach on

I would put some money in my son’s RESP and use some for a special family weekend away.

Corry VanHooft on

save it for a family reunion next year

Vanessa Rebec on

If I won 1000.00 the first thing I would do is buy my daughter and my grandson whom I have never met yet and he’s two and a half now by the way a plane ticket to come to Campbell River British Columbia from Winnipeg Manitoba for Christmas.I have not seen my daughter in over three years and miss her so much:(

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