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Ways to save, stretching money in retirement and learning at any age

By Brenda Spiering, Editor,

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Articles on the best way to save and how to stretch money when travelling in retirement topped the list of most-read articles on Brighter Life during the month of September.

Other popular articles included smart money tips, advice on working with your boss and, with it being back-to-school time, many readers were interested in free online courses that are available for learning at any age.

Image of a woman considering the differences between a TFSA and an RRSP.Brighter Life top 10 for September

  1. Where to stash your cash: RRSP or TFSA?
  2. Slow money: A richer way to travel in retirement
  3. The end of saving for retirement
  4. Seven questions to ask yourself before you retire
  5. Five smart money tips you may not know
  6. Free online courses for learning at any age
  7. How much does it cost to sell your home?
  8. Seven things your boss wants you to know
  9. Cool smartphone apps help you go paperless
  10. Six predictions for the Canadian economy

Editor’s pick – Comment of the month

The article that generated the most comments this month was How much should you tip? Obviously a very hot topic!

Readers’ views ranged from those who supported the idea of tipping generously to those who felt tipping should be abolished altogether. To read the full chain of comments, please refer to the article page. But the following comment from Bill raised a particularly interesting point. He noted that new credit card machines are programmed to tip post-tax. (Those who want to tip on the pre-tax bill should therefore continue to do their own math and enter a set amount.)

Comment of the month linking to article titled, How much should you tip?

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