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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

The price of speeding, boomerang children and dealing with jet lag


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The weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

Slow down and save
Do you have a lead foot? Even one speeding ticket can cost you plenty in fines, warns lawyer Sheryl Smolkin on And more serious infractions will hit not only your auto insurance premiums, but also possibly your other insurance premiums, and even your job.
The high cost of bad driving
Health Stand up for your health
A study earlier this year firmly connected sedentary occupations (i.e., sitting down) with increased mortality – bad news for many of us desk warriors. But there’s hope: Dara Duff-Bergeron of the Yummy Mummy Club suggests ways to cut down on chair time.
Sitting still is killing you
Family Living with the boomerang generation
The high cost of housing and the tight job market for new graduates means many young adults are bouncing right back to their parents’ homes. In the Globe and Mail, Dr. Joti Samra explains how to handle the situation when you and your spouse disagree.
I want my son to move out. My husband doesn’t. What now?
Working life Beating the bane of business travel
If your job requires you to travel across time zones, you know how debilitating jet lag can be. The travel experts at The Planet D offer six tips to help you maximize your alertness (and your enjoyment) when you’re far from home.
Jet lag: combating the travel beast
Retirement How to prepare for the unexpected
It can take just one unexpected accident, illness or downsizing for our retirement plans to go up in smoke. On RetireHappyBlog, Cathy Leahy explains how to build a financial cushion to help you weather those unpleasant surprises and stay on course for your retirement goals.
Life is a series of planned and unplanned events

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