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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

School spending, dental saving and inheritance income


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The weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

Back-to-school spending on the rise
Looking forward to getting your kids out of the house and back to school? It’s going to cost you. Vancouver’s News 1130 quotes survey figures that show the average Canadian family plans to spend $677 this year – up from $477 in 2011.
Canadians to spend hundreds on back-to-school supplies
Health Put the bite on dental costs
Want to make “open wide” just about your mouth and not your wallet? Canadian Living shares eight tips to help you save money at the dentist, ranging from good preventative practices to shopping around.
Eight ways to lower your next dental bill
Family How to survive that first semester
Going off to university or college for the first time can be a major emotional upheaval – and not just for kids. shares 10 great coping strategies.
Coping with college – as a parent
Working life Saying “I love my job” – and meaning it
Women on Business says that one way to get yourself back on track when things get rough at work is to make a point of recalling or even rediscovering what makes you happy about your job.
Love what you do
Boomers: Don’t count your inheritance chickens
That windfall you might have been expecting when your parents pass away could be less than you thought, warns Boomer & Echo. High health care costs and longer lifespans may mean you’ll need to find another retirement income source.
Are you counting on an inheritance?

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Echo on

Thanks for mentioning Boomer’s post on inheritances. I took it as a hint not to expect my parents to leave me much:)

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