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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

Canada Day festivities, gas prices and the S-talk


The weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

That bubblin’ crude costs less than it used to – why doesn’t gas?
Do you suspect a connection between gasoline prices and long weekends? In his weekly roundup, Young and Thrifty talks about the relationship between the price of crude and the price at the pump.
Weekend ramblings – Gas rant
Health Have you had the S-talk yet?
That’s S for stroke. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is promoting awareness of the signs of stroke and the treatment window through e-cards and downloadable posters and postcards. Don’t wait – have the S-talk with someone you love today!
It’s time to have the S-talk
Family 145 candles make a lovely light
Happy birthday, Canada! Looking for ways to party like it’s 1867? Check out the official Canada Day website, with links to fireworks, parades and other festivities from sea to sea to sea.
Canada Day
Working life How to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at work
Fabulously broke shares some great natural strategies for avoiding the mid-afternoon energy slump and becoming more effective – from what you eat for breakfast to the value of power-napping.
Get more done with these natural energy boosters
Retirement Before you spread your tiny wings…
Are you thinking of retiring outside of Canada, as a snowbird or year-round? Before you decide to go, Retirehappyblog offers some important considerations, such as access to medical care, taxes and social support.
Retirement in a different country

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