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What would you do with $1,000?


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That’s the question we’ve been asking on our Facebook page for the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to share some of the answers. The most popular theme seems to be using it on some much-needed vacation and family time:

Image of someone enjoying a spending spree with the $1,000 they won through the Brighter Life Facebook contest.“A weekend away :)”

“Much-needed vacation to a warm exotic place.”

“Take my family out for the weekend. We’d go somewhere special.”

“I would take my family on a much-needed mini-vacation to Niagara Falls. They are in their teens now and have never seen most of Canada.”

“I’d go visit my kids.”

Of course, there are also the pragmatists:

“I would pay off some bills and get out of some of my debt.”

“Pay bills.”

“I would pay towards a new roof – mine is in sad shape and I cannot afford a new one.”

“Have my house painted (inside and out).”

“Finish up some car repairs.”

There are those who just wanna have fun:

“New bicycle + helmet + backpack = FUN!”

“Partner with my favourite local restaurant and musicians, and invite friends and family who have had ridiculous challenges in the past 12 months out to dinner for an evening of distraction and mindless chatter.”

And the generous ones:

“I’d try and save it but if my wife found out I won $1K she’d want to go to Ikea!”

“I would give it to my daughter. She is 24 and works so hard and never seems to get ahead.”

“Just give it away to the wife.”

What would you do with a $1 K windfall? Join the conversation on Facebook or share your ideas below.

Image of summer flip flops for Savour summer campaign. Get more bright ideas on how to savour summer.

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vErYdEeP1 on

I would take my niece and nephew to niagara falls for the weekend..

diane leoanard on

I would take my 4 kids and husband to great wolf lodge or camping love outdoors.

laura on

i would keep it for moving we live with people for the last 3 years then my kids could come home there having it hard

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