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The Brighter Life weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement.

Saying goodbye to cars and debt, pension splitting tips and an idyllic cycling getaway


The weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

Goodbye, four wheels – hello, two!
On Huffington Post Living Canada, Canadian Olympian Kristina Groves shares fond memories of her first car and why she chose to become an ex-car owner.
One car-less girl
Health Bike, hike and recharge on Pender Island
If your ideal vacation getaway combines natural beauty, spa pampering, lots of exercise – and lots of deer – Girl, get strong! has just the spot for you.
Fit vacations – Picturesque Pender Island, BC Canada
Family Parenting less – and more
A psychologist says we need to quit jumping into our kids’ issues all the time, so they can learn about the real world. Embrace the chaos likes the idea.
You have to drop the worry ball to raise resilient kids
Working life So long, student debt
Congratulations to Charlotte Bumstead of Charlotte’s Web, for paying off her student loan in just two years. Find out how she did it…
Goodbye student loan, hello financial freedom!
Retirement Sharing your pension with your spouse
On Retirehappyblog, Jim Yih explains the difference between splitting your Canada Pension and your company pension with your spouse – and why you need to know about it.
Four differences between pension splitting and CPP splitting

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