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By Kevin Press,

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My Twitter account has gone a bit quiet. This happens occasionally, when I’m on vacation (as I was for two gloriously unplugged weeks in April) or when my day job crowds out my social media efforts. But even when I’m not pulling my weight, Twitter is a big part of my reading habits. I’ve put a good chunk of time into developing a subscriber list of people I respect and admire. Here are my 10 favourite economy/markets/personal finance accounts (in no particular order).

First, four obvious ones:

  • Image of a young professional staying current on today's economy with Twitter.@rcarrick. Rob Carrick’s personal finance column at The Globe and Mail is required reading, as is his Twitter feed. He’s in his third decade of covering this beat for the paper, which in and of itself is extraordinary. He’s also an active supportive of bloggers through his Personal Finance Reader and the annual Best Personal Finance Blog competition.
  • @JonChevreau. Jonathan Chevreau left the National Post earlier this year to become editor of MoneySense magazine. They’re lucky to have him. Chevreau emerged as one of Canada’s most influential personal finance writers during his time at the newspaper. As blogging and microblogging gained importance, he made both a priority.
  • @NYTimeskrugman. You may not always agree with Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist. Maybe you never agree with him. But you’re missing out if you ignore him, and this excellent Twitter feed makes it harder to do so.
  • @nfergus. In the interest of balance, one can’t very well follow Krugman and not Niall Ferguson. The two heavyweights have gone many rounds together. Equal parts entertaining and informative.

Less obvious:

  • @pkedrosky. Dr. Paul Kedrosky is a contributor to Bloomberg and host of the Infectious Greed blog. He’s also a successful investor and popular speaker. I hired him for a conference I helped plan last year, and he was a hit. He’s also got a sharp sense of humour. He confessed to me that for a short time, he tweeted as a fake Ben Bernanke.
  • @JeffRubin. Jeff Rubin’s new book The End of Growth is reason enough to subscribe to his feed. Paired with his first – Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller – Rubin’s voice is more compelling and influential now than it ever was when he was on Bay Street. And I’m not just saying that because we have an interview scheduled next month.
  • @PIMCO. This is an impressive two-for-one: you get updates from both of PIMCO’s co-chief investment officers, Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian. Everybody pays attention to these two guys, and for good reason.
  • @TheStalwart. Joseph Weisenthal is deputy editor of one of my favourite aggregation sites, Business Insider. I marvel at his output each day, on the site itself and on Twitter. He’s plugged into just about everything that’s happening. He may not have the whole story himself, but he’ll let you know when something important hits.
  • @morningmoneyben. Ben White writes a daily newsletter on the intersection between U.S. finance and politics called Morning Money. Besides my double espresso, it’s the only thing I won’t start the day without.
  • @jimyih. Jim Yih hosts the Retire Happy Blog. A professional financial educator, Yih is the current holder of The Globe and Mail’s Best Personal Finance Blog award. He’s also established himself as a kind of gateway to a ton of great blog content via his Twitter feed and weekly Best of Blogs list.

Also check out my off-topic list of Twitter favourites.

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[…] week, I was honored to be listed on the Brighter Life Blog as a one of the 10 favourite personal finance people to follow on Twitter.  Thanks to Kevin Press for the […]

Best og Blogs – Twitter recognition on

[…] week, I was honored to be listed on the Brighter Life Blog as a one of the 10 favourite personal finance people to follow on Twitter.  Thanks to Kevin Press for the […]

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