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Top Canadian finance blogs, social media for job hunting and a kid’s dream goes viral


The weekly roundup of recommended reads about money, health, family, working life and retirement:

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This week, is running a poll of favourite Canadian personal finance blogs and, at time of writing, was voted #1. Check out the other recommended reads and cast a vote for Brighter Life!
Top Canadian personal finance blogs and Financial Trading School directories
Health How getting older makes your arms too short
Jane MacDougall of the National Post belatedly joins the ranks of the far-sighted and discovers presbyopia isn’t the only “opia” you encounter as you age.
Death, taxes and reading glasses
Family Building a dream with cardboard and packing tape
In a short film that went viral on the internet last week, nine-year-old Caine Monroy from East L.A. shows that while social media is a powerful force, a child’s imagination is utterly awe-inspiring.
Caine’s Arcade
Working life Social media goes beyond vacation photos and cute cats
In a post on Give me back my five bucks, Krystal Yee shares tips on using not only Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find a job, but also Tumblr, Pinterest, Goodreads and more.
Using social media to find a job
Retirement Why baby boomers are unprepared for retirement
While boomers’ unsustainable spending habits are part of the problem, Boomer&Echo says a large share of the blame belongs to rampaging inflation, successive economic crises and widespread layoffs.
Why baby boomers aren’t prepared for retirement

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Blog Update for 4/20 2012 | Modest Money on

[…] Stats are thriving, It is getting warm out, The Goodness is Neverending on This That And The MBATop Canadian finance blogs, social media for job hunting and a kid’s dream goes viral on Brighter LifeWeekly Roundup on Along For The JourneyWeekend reading from the Cult on Cult of […]

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Thank you for featuring my poll here. It looks like BrighterLife currently has a slim lead. It’s a very close race at this point. Good luck.

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