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Today’s economy media pack – 2011.06.17

By Kevin Press,

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Real estate alarm bells, Roubini’s new perfect storm and the health benefits of early retirement.

  • The Globe and Mail. Carney warns on housing markets. “Mark Carney is issuing a sharp warning that the housing market may be overheating, as his ultra-low interest rates, combined with too much optimism on the part of buyers, fuels prices in the country’s hottest markets.”
  • The Globe and Mail. Flaherty steps up calls for U.S. spending restraint. “Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is ramping up pressure on the United States to quickly tackle its ballooning deficits and debt – a message he has now delivered south of the border twice since the Conservatives won a majority government.”
  • CNN (via Investment Postcards from Cape Town). Rogoff: Economy is ‘twisting in the wind.’ “Harvard economist Ken Rogoff says the U.S. is in a typical slow recovery following a crisis, and vulnerable to any shocks to the system.”
  • TIME. Inflation picks up: Are rising consumer prices good for the economy? “Today’s report on inflation is sure to cause some long faces among economy worrywarts. It should instead draw smiles.”
  • National Post. U.S. job, housing data lifts spirits. “New claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, while housing starts and permits for future construction rose in May, signs that offered some hope the economy could soon pull out of its soft patch.”
  • National Post. Is Europe facing a ‘Lehman moment’? “The European Union’s failure to contain the Greek debt crisis is sending fresh shockwaves through currencies, money markets, equities and derivatives.”
  • BBC. Q&A: Greek debt crisis. “Demonstrations have continued on the streets of Athens, turning violent this week as protesters make clear their opposition to austerity measures.”
  • NPR. Will Greece’s troubles spread? “Here’s what’s at the core of all the chaos today in Greece: The country is on track to run out of money next month.”
  • The Economist. Sticky patch or meltdown? “How politicians could carelessly turn a temporary softening of the global recovery into something worse.”
  • Bloomberg. Roubini says ‘perfect storm’ may threaten global economy. “A ‘perfect storm’ of fiscal woe in the U.S., a slowdown in China, European debt restructuring and stagnation in Japan may converge on the global economy, New York University professor Nouriel Roubini said.”
  • Bloomberg. The supercycle: A longer range view of emerging markets. “Lots of investors say they adopt a long view, usually three to five years, when it comes to a particular investment.”
  • Infectious Greed. Oil at the post. “Does it seem like we’ve been here before?”
  • Canadian Finance Blog. Making a financial calendar. “Everyone sees life a little bit different. For me, I see life in black and white.”
  • Moneyville. How to avoid disability insurance shock. “If you have worked for the same employer for several years and had regular pay increases, your long term disability benefits may not be enough to protect your family if you become disabled.”
  • Retire Happy Blog. A personal directive gives direction for health care decisions. “No one wants to become dependent on others, but the reality is it will happen to a lot of us.”
  • Does early retirement make you live longer? “Over the weekend, I ran across a fascinating study that suggests that retiring early can significantly increase your lifespan.”

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